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Our Curtain Wall system is designed to create a dramatic but practical facade, with the option of sloped and facet-shaped glazing, allowing maximum light into small or large buildings.

Curtain Walling Features

  • Simple to assemble stick system

  • Zone drained

  • Choice of mullions to suit most structural requirements

  • Wide range of glazing options 24 to 33mm and single glazing

  • Sloped glazing possible

  • Optional co-extruded pressure plate

  • Punch tooling for transoms

  • Structural transoms for semi-structural glazing

  • Choice of decorative cappings

  • Dual colour

  • Thermally broken



The curtain wall consists of vertical mullions and horizontal transoms joined together with stainless steel pin joints. In case of straight front wall elements, this offers the advantage of rapid construction of the front wall. There is a possibility to build up slightly facet-shaped curtain walls with screw joints for the transoms.

The clamping strip is coupled to the mullions by means of an extruded connecting bar, which also forms the thermal break for the curtain wall. This clamping strip is formed with co-extrusion of hard plastic as a basis and soft
plastic to guarantee sealing. 

The whole construction can be finished on the outside with several decorative beads.

Besides traditional front walls with horizontally and vertically protruding lines, this series can also be used to construct a semi-structural front wall, whereby the outside of the front wall will only show vertically protruding
cover caps.


Straight and slightly facet-shaped vertical glass walls for small and large office buildings.

Semi-structural front walls with vertically protruding cover caps.


Electrostatic Powder coating: according to the guidelines of A.P.A.- Qualicoat in most of the current RAL-colours. The composed profiles (with thermal break) can be coated with different inner and outer colours ("Bi- Colour"). Anodisation insatinor bronze colours withEWAA/EURAS-Qualinodquality label.

New: Possibility to colour in wood structure to imitate different wood structures (powder coated according to Qualicoat). 


Thermal break

The profiles consist of 2 aluminium extrusions which are separated from one another by polyamide strips PA 6.6.25 reinforced with glass fibre. A gluing thread, rolled and pushed in together with the thermal break profile ensures a strong adhesion after melting and flowing, when the profiles are
heated in the hardening furnace.

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